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Thursday, November 1, 2012

No Pitocin Please

It's 4am. Bobby and Chico are snoring in tandem. I burst into a loud sob. Bobby wakes, cool as a cucumber (as usual) and asks, "Baby, what's wrong?" Sobbing more loudly, "I just saw Ricky Lake's baby born in water! AAAAAA!!! Look at him!" Bobby turns toward the t.v. (we slept on the futon again) and says, "Eww. That thing looks like a worm. Baby, be careful with what you're watching." He turns back toward me and falls asleep gently touching my arm. Yes, the sight of Ricky Lake's flopped over breasts and remaining distressed naked body in a bathtub--as she gives natural birth--has made me lose it all. Yes, I'm watching "The Business of Being Born", and yes, I'm back to blogging. I've had a few friends request that I return to what I probably love most--writing (though, it's hard to maintain since 1) I don't make a living by it and 2) I have the most inflexible career in the U.S.--K-12 public education). Why am I watching "The Business of Being Born" at 3:30 am on a school day? Welp. I'm up with pregnancy gas, and I went to bed at 7pm--my now normal prenatal bed time. Yup, I slipped it in. Bobby and I are having a baby? Who's Bobby? Oh yeah, he's new to the picture too since "30 Dates in 30 Days". I have a lot of catching up and documenting to do. I'll talk more about Bobby later. The presently needed facts: He's my husband and Baby Daddy and an awesome human being and general Renaissance man. I'll get to how I have a husband and expecting a baby--all in less than 2 years--some time later. I'll say for now: I want a natural birth. Please remind me of this later. I had dinner with my dearest friend, her father, and sister last night. Everyone needs a girlfriend like G. She has been my 2nd best caretaker after Bobby. She feeds me delicious soups and other meals 2-3 times a week and is so excited about our coming baby. Her sister--over caldo de pollo--told me about PITOCIN (evil! Okay, maybe i'm being dramatic)last night and "The Business of Being Born". So I woke up early this morning to watch it on Netflix. I'm only 15 weeks, but I am taking the time to educate myself and praying for a healthy pregnancy and the ability to give a natural birth.